Welcome to Esweran’s paintings.

“Here reclines nature in unmatched sublimity, a glow in the infinite glories of eternity, amidst a silence of deep unheard melody that gladdens our hearts and touches our souls.”

DeepaDeepa Easwaran, like her internationally known father and guru, S.B.Easwaran, has already secured a place of eminence among the reputed painters in India. The main spring of inspiration in painting is the profound tranquility of nature for her guru S.B. Easwaran. Other inspiring factors are the silent nature, alone and away from the noisy world, providing themes for portrayal.

Imbibing her father’s art and style, an observer will discover that Deepa’s streams have a destination in their youthful energy. Deepa is able to develop new styles of landscape paintings, something that S.B.Easwaran achieved after long years of mediation and experimentation.

Nature in her expansive range and incredible variety, over land and water, in sun and shade, in spring, summer or autumn- is the subject of Deepa’s landscapes. Deepa is a master in the use of green in all its combinations and shades.


Next to green are the earth colors ranging from warm sienna to the powerful deep tones of umbers. She has gained considerable insight into the use of colors such as burnt sienna and golden yellow. Blue, violet or white will be mixed at various stages with other colors to give certain special effects that are peculiar to tropical forests.

Like S.B.Easwaran, Deepa has her distinctive authority in the use of light and shade. Realism is so intense in her painting that the viewer would like to walk into the picture and be an integral, inseparable part of it. Despite the overpowering influence of her father on her art and style of painting nature, a discerning observer will discover that Deepa’s streams have a distinction in their youthful energy. It will also be noticed that her strokes have tenderness, solely attributable to a vision that is remarkably feminine.

Deepa Easwaran stands at the threshold of World of Grand discoveries in this unique art form introduced by S.B. Eswaran.

So far they have conducted around 90 exhibitions all over India including one in Dubai. They have done more than 40,000 paintings.


In the coming years, more landscapes of immortal grandeur will emerge through her golden fingers to bring happiness and tranquility to people all over the world.

Fresh Collections    New Collections    Old master collections   Old master collections- II

Fresh 2014-16    2017-21


Gallery cum Residence :
New No. 18, (Old No. 64)
Teachers Colony, Adyar
Chennai – 600 020
Ph: 91-44-2445 6450
Mobile: 91-9940156450, 9940056450
Email: eswerans@rediffmail.com, eswerans@yahoo.co.in

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