Eswaran’s Landscape Paintings:

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When I paint a scene I am very much there in my mind. I hear the sounds of the forest and the streams. I see the whole scene with absolute clarity. But I choose the spots where the light and shadows must fall in order to make the landscape Beautiful. I want the viewers to have the same experience. They must hear the sound of nature while viewing my landscapes and they must love our trees and preserve the Beautiful forests of our planet. That is my dream and that shall always be my vision.

An extract from the biography “Beyond the green woods”


The above painting was published in Reader’s Digest

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Gallery cum Residence :
New No. 18, (Old No. 64)
Teachers Colony, Adyar
Chennai – 600 020
Ph: 91-44-2445 6450
Mobile: 91-9940156450, 9940056450

4 thoughts on “Eswaran’s Landscape Paintings:

  1. Sridhar Krishnamoorthy

    Esweran… From your photo,,looks like we know each other from School. 🙂 I have always loved your landscapes. Mail me if you know who I am
    God Bless!!
    Sridhar Krishnamoorthy



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